What London Can Be

What London

Can Be

What London

Can Be

Introductory Statment

Belonging is a powerful feeling that is important for our individual well-being. Belonging is the glue that holds our community together.

Vital Signs examines the most significant challenges our community is faced with, and they each connect to our innate need to truly belong.

There are global targets for each of these challenges, found in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Vital Signs is aligned with these so that locally we can join the global call to action to end poverty, tackle inequalities, and create a more sustainable and thriving world - because global change starts locally first... Top online casinos .

The Biggest Problems in London and How to Solve Them

How do Canadians try to end poverty, tackle inequalities, and create a more sustainable and thriving world?


Be Healthy



While most Londoners enjoy relatively easy access to health care, stigma, socioeconomic, and cultural barriers are still preventing many from receiving the care they deserve.

Be Sheltered



For too many of our neighbours, a safe, secure, and affordable place to lay their heads at night is not within reach.

Be Equal



As the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, too many of our community’s most vulnerable are being left at risk.

Be Employed



While London has the lowest unemployment rate in years, many in our community struggle accessing sustainable and meaningful work.

Be Green



From the health of the Thames to our energy consumption and forest cover, our local environment needs our help and attention.

Be Educated



London’s general population and many newcomers have significant education accomplishments, however, traditional gender gaps continue to persist and the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities remains too high.



Today, too many of our neighbours don’t have the safety and security of a true sense of belonging in our community.

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