The Biggest Problems in London and How to Solve Them

London faces many big challenges such as the housing crisis, the EU referendum decision, and many other problems that Londoners have to deal with to keep their city as vibrant and welcoming as always. 

On the other hand, many people out there try their best to improve the quality of life for Londoners. 

Here are some challenges that people try to deal with. 

    1. The Housing Crisis 

Rip-off rents prevent a lot of people, especially families, young men, and artists from taking London as their home city. Not to mention that the number of homeless people is increasing constantly. That is why London needs many policies and practical ideas to help people survive. One such initiative is support from Sol Casino. By playing on the site, you can contribute to the city improvement: a percentage always goes to the best development projects.

    1. Economy and Skills

Brexit has thrown away a lot of the good things we have achieved in the last 40 years and now, we need to have clear plans for our future. Many sectors such as the tech sector depended on workers from the UN and now, they could be hit hard. The tech sector alone forms about 30% of London’s job growth. Therefore, it is important to make sure that Londoners have the right skills to take on these jobs. On the other hand, about 20% of them do not even have digital skills. 

That is why some organizations and schools try to change the way young men see digital jobs. London’s tech sector needs young men who are interested in programming, web development, and digital marketing. 

    1. Transport 

The upcoming years will be tough for London’s infrastructure due to many reasons such as floods, London Bridge carnage, and southern strikes.
What makes the problem worse is that the transport budget may be cut and there are uncertainties about infrastructure projects.

That is why London needs new ideas to make the current infrastructure good enough for all Londoners of all abilities and ages.
Londoners themselves are the solution. For example, there are many apps that the visually impaired can use to ask for help to travel around the capital easily. 

    1. An Aging Population 

In 2020 for the first time, the population of London reached its peak since World War 2. This will not slow down any time soon either.
Londoners live longer and sooner or later; we will have to make our environment adapt to the needs of our 1.25 million older citizens and try our best to adapt to the aging population problem.

Some organizations started already to lead the way and work with older citizens to make living in London easier for them. For example, several campaigns have been trying to make the London streets more friendly to accommodate the slow pace of older people. The Transport for London committee is also looking into the issue and try to help the older citizens by making the streets safer for them.

The Bottom Line 

London needs leaders, innovators, and creative thinkers to come up with new ideas to improve the city and increase the quality of life for Londoners. 

That is why supports London’s Vital Signs. The casino believes that they try to make a real change in London.