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With one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the country, London youth are struggling to get started. Lack of experience and a growing mismatch between education, skills and labour market needs are preventing youth in our community from finding steady, meaningful employment; this struggle is especially prevalent for youth of low socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Quick Fact 
Unemployment Rate Issue Infographic

In 2013, the youth unemployment rate in London (CMA) was 17.4%. This was 3.7% above the national youth unemployment rate of 13.7% and 1.3% above the provincial average of 16.1%. The Youth unemployment rate has decreased 2.9% from 20.3% in 2012 (Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey).

More About the Issue 

Communities, Career and Connect is a community development initiative that provides employment skills for youth by connecting them with skilled tradespeople to restore and beautify the Argyle Community. Led by Fanshawe College, Habitat for Humanity and Ontario Works, this unique initiative connects groups that have not traditionally worked together. Providing high-risk, unemployed youth with opportunities for skill development to revitalize and rejuvenate a community, Argyle Communities, Career and Connect is leveraging existing resources to foster, expand and support work in the Argyle Community.

Unemployment Rate of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants

In 2011, the unemployment rate of immigrants in London (CMA) who entered Canada within the last five years was 18.8%; 121.2% above the non-immigrant rate (8.5%). The rate was up from 12.4% in 2006. (Statistics Canada)

Employment Rate

At 58.3% in 2013, London (CMA) had an employment rate 5.7% lower than the national rate (61.8%) and 5.0% lower than the provincial rate (61.4%). (Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey)

Employment Growth

In 2013, the employment level of London (CMA) was 244,900 people. Between 2012 and 2013, it saw a 1.2% decline. (Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey)

Involuntary Part-time Workers

In 2013, the proportion of total workers that were involuntary part-time workers in London (CMA) was 2.7%. (Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey)

Average Actual Hours Worked Per Week

Workers in London (CMA) worked an average of 35.5 hours per week in 2013, down 5.3% from 2000 when workers worked 37.5 hours per week on average. (Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey)

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